Priyanka Chopra‘s restaurant ‘SONA’ opened in New York City in March 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic and quickly gained popularity on social media. However, in August 2023, Priyanka announced her departure from SONA, which she co-founded with Maneesh Goyal. Despite her exit, the restaurant will continue operating.

Recently, SONA announced on Instagram that it will be closing after over three years of operation. The closure was announced with gratitude towards patrons and the team, with the final service scheduled for brunch on Sunday, June 30.

Fans expressed sadness over the closure, sharing memories and expressing their appreciation for SONA’s food and atmosphere.

Priyanka Chopra’s decision to leave SONA was motivated by her desire to focus on other career aspirations, according to her representative. Priyanka remains proud of her involvement in bringing SONA to life and sees this as a significant part of her career dedicated to showcasing Indian culture.

Despite speculations in the media, Priyanka’s departure from SONA was not publicly attributed to any rift with Maneesh Goyal, her former business partner. Reports suggesting tension between them emerged following differences related to social events, but both parties have expressed optimism about their future endeavors.

Nick Jonas, Priyanka’s husband, played a role in naming the restaurant ‘SONA,’ which means ‘gold’ in Hindi. The restaurant offered a menu featuring a variety of Indian subcontinental dishes, influenced by Priyanka’s creative input in areas such as menu selection, music, and design during its launch.

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