Kartik, once known as the “monologue guy,” saw his breakthrough with a role that brought him stardom. Ahead of his upcoming film directed by Kabir Khan, he openly discusses his journey, embracing the ‘outsider’ tag and attributing his success to hard work. Reflecting on this label, Kartik acknowledges the persistent challenge but remains unfazed, stating, “It is what it is,” highlighting his outsider status in Bollywood and the consistent uncertainty of success.

Despite his rise in Bollywood, Kartik admits to lingering fears about his career’s sudden end due to his outsider status. He admits, “Any Friday can be a last Friday,” expressing the constant echo in his mind of his career potentially coming to an abrupt halt.

His Bollywood journey has been public, marked by highs and lows, hits, and misses at the box office. Aware of the lack of a safety net, Kartik focuses on working diligently on each project, knowing he may not have another chance.

Despite the challenges of being an outsider, Kartik takes pride in his journey, vocalizing his success as a self-made actor. He believes those who make it on their own should be proud.

While Kartik enjoys box office success, he remains humble, understanding the fleeting nature of success in Bollywood. Despite successes like Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, he acknowledges failures like Love Aaj Kal and Shehzada, emphasizing the importance of not taking success for granted and staying grounded amidst the unpredictability of the industry.

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