Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan, once deeply in love, decided to elope in 1991 to be together against all odds. However, in 2004, they parted ways after raising two children, their love story taking an unexpected turn.

While Saif openly shared his side of the story with the media, Amrita chose to maintain her silence with dignity, explaining in a previous interview her reasons for not discussing their relationship publicly.

Saif candidly spoke about the deterioration of their relationship post-separation, prompting questions about Amrita’s silence. In response, Amrita emphasized her focus on her priorities, including her children and herself, rather than indulging in public discourse.

Regarding their children, Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan, Amrita revealed Sara’s initial embarrassment about her appearance but noted a sense of pride in her daughter’s eyes today.

Rumors of their love marriage ending circulated widely in the early 2000s, leading to their divorce in 2004, with Saif reportedly paying Rs. 5 crores in alimony. Despite their age difference and ups and downs, they had a secret wedding in 1991 and remained together for nearly a decade before parting ways. Their relationship garnered significant media attention over the years.

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