Bollywood star Akshay Kumar played a significant role in the love story of his former co-star Asin and her businessman husband Rahul Sharma. Rahul once shared that Akshay was the first person to arrive at the hospital when Asin gave birth to their daughter in 2017.

During an interview on “Dhawan Karenge with Shikhar Dhawan,” Akshay expressed his admiration for the strong bond between Asin and Rahul, noting Rahul’s intense love for Asin.

The heartfelt revelations unfolded as Shikhar Dhawan presented a video message from Rahul to Akshay, who became emotional upon watching it.

Their close friendship was evident as it was revealed that Akshay played matchmaker, introducing Asin to Rahul, leading to their marriage in 2016 and the birth of their daughter Arin in 2017.

In the video, Rahul expressed gratitude for Akshay’s unwavering support during the birth of his daughter, recalling how Akshay kept a plane on standby and was the first to visit the newborn.

Akshay was deeply moved by Rahul’s message and spoke fondly of their friendship, highlighting Rahul’s profound love for his family.

Addressing rumors of Asin and Rahul’s divorce, a source debunked the speculation, describing the couple as genuinely happy and preferring a low-profile life away from social media drama.

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