On the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa, Bollywood’s cherished pair, Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh, opted to spread some heartfelt moments with their followers.

Renowned for their active presence on social media, the couple utilized their platforms to share images and videos depicting a delightful family activity: instructing their children Riaan and Rahyl on crafting a Gudi.

Gudi Padwa, symbolizing the start of the traditional new year for several communities, is marked by jubilation and revelry. A key ritual involves erecting a Gudi – a colorful, adorned pole believed to usher in prosperity and good fortune. Riteish and Genelia, embracing the essence of this festivity, seized the opportunity to impart this tradition to their kids. Through their shared content, fans caught glimpses of the Deshmukh household, resonating with laughter and unity.

Accompanied by their children, the couple was observed assembling a Gudi using a saree and a sacred Kalash pot, encapsulating the profound cultural heritage associated with the occasion. By involving their children in this Gudi-making endeavor, Riteish and Genelia fostered both familial bonding and an appreciation for preserving cultural customs.

Infusing their celebration with their trademark humor, Genelia playfully prodded Riteish in one of the videos, adding a lighthearted touch to the festive preparations. This jovial exchange, emblematic of their fun-loving rapport, delighted their fans as much as the insight into the Gudi crafting process.

Their Gudi Padwa message transcended a simple greeting; it offered an intimate peek into their family dynamics, brimming with affection, laughter, and the gratification of passing down cultural traditions to the next generation.

As public figures, the couple recognizes their impact and appears to wield it judiciously by advocating positive family values and cultural consciousness. Through their playful yet meaningful observance, they’ve imparted more than mere entertainment to their followers – they’ve shared a slice of their culturally rich and warm family life, rendering this Gudi Padwa unforgettable for their kin and admirers alike.

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