Amid growing concerns about Kate Middleton’s health crisis and speculation surrounding her absence from public life, British media is anticipating a significant announcement from the Royal family.

Reports indicate that the BBC Events production unit has been put on standby for an “extremely important” announcement from the Royal family amidst the ongoing health crisis.

Sisters Lauren and Chen, who own Popapologists, shared a TikTok video claiming to be the British broadcaster on alert for the announcement.

In the video, the duo highlighted concerns about Kate’s health, particularly after her removal from the Trooping the Colour attendees list in June.

This development coincides with reports suggesting that Princess Kate will postpone her royal duties until Easter in April as she recuperates from abdominal surgery.

Speculation about Kate’s whereabouts has intensified due to her prolonged absence from royal gatherings, with her last appearance being with the Royal family in Sandringham on Christmas.

Rumors have also circulated regarding her alleged separation from Prince William over his suspected involvement with their mutual friend Rose Hanbury.

Kate faced criticism for admitting to altering her first official picture with her children after her surgery, which she posted on social media on Mother’s Day.

American press, from NYT to WSJ, is abuzz with speculation about the royal drama surrounding Kate Middleton’s whereabouts.

Will Kate Middleton shed light on her mysterious surgery?

Royal sources suggest that Kate might address her recent surgery at her next public appearance.

According to the Sunday Times, the Prince and Princess of Wales are likely to address these issues publicly soon.

A source told the Sunday Times, “They are most open when interacting with the public, and I can see the princess discussing her recovery during engagements.”

Regarding the timing of public engagements, a friend of Kate reportedly stated that they will aim to be transparent but will do so when they feel ready.

Previously, the Palace clarified that Kate’s surgery was unrelated to cancer and emphasized her desire to keep personal medical details private.

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