After captivating the Punjabi music industry with the Folkin Rani EP, Punjabi pop sensation Simran Choudhary brings her latest single, “Ni Bhabi”. The track is reminiscent of old Punjabi folklore and tales/geet sung during weddings. Bursting with an infectious beat and playful lyrics, this track will be the ultimate dance-floor number of the year.

Set against the backdrop of a lively instrumental, ‘Ni Bhabi’ showcases the spirited tale of a brother-in-law (Deor) seeking advice from his sister-in-law (Bhabi) on how to impress his love interest. With its playful tone and pulsating rhythm, the song captures the essence of camaraderie and the friendship between a Deor and Bhabi.

Adding depth to the narrative is the composer and lyricist Raja, backed by the soulful male vocals of Aden who has also produced the track. The trio celebrates age old Punjabi traditions in a modern way through this song.

Accompanying the track is a vibrant music video that transports viewers into a world of color and movement. Directed by Teji Sandhu, the video captures the essence of the song with its fusion of traditional and contemporary dance styles. It showcases the friendly dynamic between the Bhabi and Deor, as they navigate the dance floor.

Talking passionately about the release of ‘Ni Bhabi’, singer Simran Choudhary shared“Working on ‘Ni Bhabi’ was an exciting experience. The track celebrates the unique bond of friendship and banter between a Devar and a Bhabhi. As the singer and composer, ‘Ni Bhabi’ allowed me to explore new sounds and styles while staying true to my roots. It’s a blend of traditional Punjabi elements and modern beats and I am excited for the listeners to hear the cheerful track we have created.”

“From the moment I heard the first cut, I knew ‘Ni Bhabi’ was special. It was an incredible experience working with Simran to create the track and I am incredibly proud of what we have created. It’s a song that brings people together, and I can’t wait for fans to experience the infectious energy and vibrant spirit of the track for themselves”, added producer-singer-composer Aden on the release.

Listen to “Ni Bhabi” by Simran Choudhary and Aden here:

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