Actor Vidya Balan recently remarked that India has experienced increased polarization regarding religion, with individuals seeking a stronger sense of identity.

She noted that unlike in the past, where the nation lacked a defined religious identity, the situation has shifted significantly.

In an interview with Unfiltered by Samdish, Balan acknowledged the heightened polarization, attributing it to various factors such as politics and social media.

She emphasized the trend of people seeking identity and belonging through religion and other ideologies due to feelings of disconnection and loneliness exacerbated by social media.

Despite her spiritual inclinations, Balan expressed her preference for donating to causes related to healthcare, sanitation, and education rather than religious institutions.

Addressing the sensitive nature of political discourse, Balan admitted her reluctance to engage in political discussions to avoid backlash and potential harm to her career and projects.

She attributed this caution to the risk of being misunderstood or misrepresented, particularly in the volatile atmosphere of social media.

Balan highlighted the impact of social media in amplifying sensitivities and urged for restraint and focus on one’s work rather than engaging in divisive debates.

Currently starring in the romantic comedyDo Aur Do Pyaar” alongside Pratik Gandhi, Balan continues to navigate her career while maintaining a cautious stance on political discourse.

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