TV actress Dalljiet Kaur tied the knot with Kenya-based businessman Nikhil Patel in March 2023. However, signs of trouble emerged in their marriage in recent months.

Amidst rumors of separation, Dalljiet recently shared a cryptic post hinting at a possible extramarital affair involving her husband. Nikhil has addressed these allegations in an interview with ETimes, stating that Dalljiet’s departure from Kenya signaled the end of their relationship for him.

Confirming their separation, Nikhil explained that Dalljiet’s decision to return to India with their son in January this year led to their split. He elaborated that despite holding an Indian wedding ceremony in Mumbai in March 2023 for cultural reasons, it was not legally binding and was meant to reassure Dalljiet’s family about her relocation to Kenya.

Nikhil expressed that Dalljiet struggled to adjust to life in Kenya, missing her career and life in India, which strained their blended family dynamics due to cultural differences. He emphasized that Dalljiet’s departure marked the end of their relationship for him, despite her recent social media activity, and he has found closure and positivity in moving forward.

Regarding Dalljiet’s social media posts, Nikhil described them as impulsive and causing confusion and distress among their friends and family. He mentioned Dalljiet’s expressed desire to return to his life and her crossing of boundaries, leading to misinterpretation and unnecessary harassment of unrelated individuals. Nikhil hoped for Dalljiet to cease such behavior.

Dalljiet’s recent Instagram poll about extramarital affairs and the couple‘s unfollowing and deletion of posts from each other’s Instagram accounts in February 2024 fueled speculation about their divorce.

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