Dalljiet Kaur and Shalin Bhanot fell in love while working on the show Kulvaddhu, eventually marrying in 2009. After five years, they welcomed their son Jaydon but sadly divorced in 2015.

During Shalin Bhanot’s preparations to enter the Bigg Boss house for season 16 in September, Dalljiet Kaur found herself in the limelight due to her relationship with Nikhil Patel, much to the excitement of fans.

Nikhil Patel, a businessman from Kenya, became Dalljiet Kaur’s second husband when they married on March 18, 2023. However, recent events indicate trouble in their marriage, evident from Dalljiet Kaur’s social media activity where she has been sharing about the breakdown of her marriage.

Despite releasing a statement expressing her reluctance to discuss the matter due to their children’s involvement, Dalljiet Kaur had previously posted about her marriage struggles and pain on social media, garnering sympathy and support from her fans.

Although the post has since been deleted, its content spread virally across the internet, with many people expressing solidarity with the actress.

In the deleted post, Dalljiet Kaur shared her heartbreaking pain and posed thought-provoking questions, drawing support from her fans who continue to express their solidarity on her social media platforms.

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