Following a lavish pre-wedding celebration in Jamnagar, the Ambani family is now hosting another extravagant pre-wedding event for their son Anant, this time aboard a European Cruise.

The four-day pre-wedding festivities, which commenced yesterday, have been meticulously planned by the Ambani family to ensure a memorable experience for Anant and Radhika. Today marks the second day of the festivities, themed ‘A Roman Holiday,’ where guests are expected to attire themselves in tourist chic outfits, culminating in a late-night toga party.

Explaining the concept of a toga party, it is a themed costume event inspired by Greco-Roman culture, where participants typically fashion garments resembling ancient Roman attire, often crafted from bed sheets, along with sandals. These parties are synonymous with lively gatherings, often associated with college or university students, featuring games and excessive drinking.

The widespread popularity of toga parties can be traced back to their romanticized portrayal in the 1978 movie ‘Animal House,’ where the Delta House fraternity throws an exuberant toga party. This cinematic depiction catapulted the trend into mainstream culture, becoming a fixture in college life and Greek organizations.

Historically, similar gatherings existed under different names, such as ‘bed sheet and pillow slip’ parties, organized by fraternal orders and civic groups. The evolution of toga parties can be seen in various incarnations over the years, including Eleanor Roosevelt’s satirical toga party in 1934, aimed at parodying comparisons between her husband, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Julius Caesar.

Modern toga parties have witnessed creative interpretations, with some participants opting for minimal attire adorned with gold-leafed garlands to emulate Greek deities. The toga itself, a symbol of Roman citizenship and identity, varied in style and color, reflecting the wearer’s social status and role in society.

Today, the toga party continues to be a popular theme for social gatherings, offering participants an opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of ancient Rome while indulging in the festive atmosphere of the event.

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