Dalljiet Kaur‘s husband, Nikhil Patel, residing in Kenya, threatened legal action against her for her social media posts, implying infidelity. Amid this turmoil, Dalljiet has returned to Nairobi, Kenya, after leaving amidst rumors of separation. Nikhil has recently confirmed their split.

Recently, Dalljiet shared a cheerful photo with friends on Instagram Stories during her time in Nairobi, dressed in black at a restaurant, captioning it as a reunion with her girl squad.

There have been speculations about the separation of Dalljiet and Nikhil, intensified by Nikhil’s legal notice to Dalljiet over her accusations of his extramarital affair on Instagram. Nikhil also mentioned donating her belongings to charity if she doesn’t retrieve them from his Kenyan residence.

In a June interview, Nikhil expressed his intent to pursue legal action against Dalljiet for her alleged unlawful actions, highlighting the need for stricter online protection laws, especially concerning the privacy of children and women.

The divorce rumors began in February when both Dalljiet and Nikhil unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted posts. Nikhil later confirmed their separation in May, citing Dalljiet’s decision to return to India with their son Jaydon as the reason.

Nikhil revealed that despite their Indian wedding ceremony in Mumbai in 2023, which lacked legal validity, Dalljiet struggled to adjust to life in Kenya, leading to their eventual separation.

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