Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, a renowned couple admired by fans worldwide, consistently showcase their enchanting bond.

In December 2018, Priyanka Chopra, a former Miss World, and American singer Nick Jonas exchanged vows in two elaborate ceremonies, honoring both their cultural backgrounds. Their family expanded when they welcomed their daughter, Malti, via surrogacy on January 15, 2022, and they’ve since lavished love on their baby girl.

Currently filming in Australia for her upcoming project, “The Bluff,” Priyanka Chopra recently treated the film’s crew to a yacht excursion, with Malti joyfully joining the outing. Priyanka captured Malti’s delightful moments, showcasing her excitement as she relished fruits and explored her surroundings. Priyanka expressed gratitude for the collaborative spirit among the team, emphasizing the joy and dedication they bring to their craft.

In subsequent updates, Priyanka shared tender moments with Malti, donning matching attire in a heartwarming photo on Instagram. Despite their joy, Nick Jonas expressed missing them, highlighting the depth of his affection.

Priyanka also offered followers a glimpse into her personal space, sharing a serene moment from her bed on Instagram. The photo featured Malti playing on the balcony under cloudy skies, while Priyanka savored a tranquil moment indoors, inviting her audience to share in her intimate experience.

Taking to her IG account, Priyanka captioned the post as, “Her (heart emoticon) Miss u Nick Jonas.” Nick commented on the post and wrote, “My whole world.”

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