Filmmaker Kiran Rao has opened up about her son Azad Rao Khan, shedding light on why she opts to shield him from media scrutiny and the glitz of Bollywood gatherings.

Azad is shared with her former husband, Aamir Khan. Kiran disclosed to News18 that both she and Aamir steer clear of attention-seeking events, which naturally influences their son’s disinterest in such occasions. Furthermore, Kiran disclosed that Aamir Khan once auditioned for a role in Ravi Kishan’s Laapataa Ladies.

Elaborating on her decision to maintain Azad’s privacy, Kiran expressed her belief in allowing children their personal space. Since Azad hasn’t exhibited an inclination towards public appearances, they prioritize his privacy. Kiran emphasized their modest lifestyle, asserting that they aren’t drawn to glamourous festivities or red carpet events, which consequently doesn’t prompt Azad’s participation. She stressed the importance of children discovering their own passions independently.

Discussing Azad’s current interests, Kiran revealed his preference for animation over live-action films due to his sensitive and empathetic nature. Initially, he found live-action movies overwhelming due to their heightened emotions. However, as he approaches 12, Kiran believes he is becoming more open to exploring different genres.

Despite their separation in 2021, Kiran and Aamir continue to co-parent Azad.

Looking ahead, Kiran anticipates the release of her upcoming film, Laapataa Ladies, hitting theaters on March 1. The film features Nitanshi Goel, Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastava, and Chhaya Kadam in prominent roles.

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