Mohammad Azharuddin’s cricketing journey is adorned with a series of notable accomplishments that have solidified his position in Indian sports history. As he celebrates his birthday on February 8, let’s delve into six remarkable milestones from his illustrious career:

1. Historic Debut: Azharuddin made an explosive entry onto the international cricket scene by smashing three consecutive centuries in his first three Test matches. This exceptional feat not only marked the beginning of a stellar career but also catapulted him into the limelight as an instant cricketing sensation.

2. Commanding Captaincy: Serving as captain for 47 Tests and 174 ODIs, Azharuddin steered the Indian cricket team through much of the 1990s. His astute leadership skills led to victories in 14 Test matches and 90 ODIs, making him one of India’s most successful captains during a challenging period in Indian cricket history.

3. Impressive Run Tally: Throughout his career, Azharuddin amassed over 6,000 runs in Test cricket and more than 9,000 runs in ODIs. With 22 Test centuries and 7 ODI hundreds to his name, his ability to perform under pressure solidified his reputation as a dependable batsman for India.

4. Fielding Marvel: Azharuddin was a pioneer in Indian fielding, laying the groundwork for the exceptional fielding standards displayed by contemporary players like Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja. Renowned for his agility, sharp reflexes, and unconventional throwing techniques, his fielding prowess set new benchmarks in Indian cricket.

5. Memorable Innings at Lord’s: One of Azharuddin’s standout performances includes his century against England at Lord’s in July 1990. His elegant innings of 121 runs off 111 balls showcased his mastery over the English bowlers on one of cricket’s grandest stages, earning praise from former England cricketer Vic Marks as “the most dazzling Test century” he had witnessed.

6. Milestone Minus One: Azharuddin’s Test career concluded with 99 matches, falling agonizingly short of the coveted milestone of 100 matches, attributed to match-fixing controversies towards the end of his tenure. Interestingly, his highest Test score of 199 runs also left him one run shy of achieving a double-century, encapsulating the bittersweet nature of his remarkable career.

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