Queen Camilla, overseeing King Charles III’s royal responsibilities, has reportedly decreed that Prince Harry cannot have private conversations with his father during his upcoming visit on May 8, according to royal expert Angela Levin.

Levin expressed concern about King Charles‘ vulnerability due to health issues and strained relations with his son. She emphasized the importance of monitoring interactions between the two, citing Harry’s perceived lack of trustworthiness. Despite the tension, Levin acknowledged Charles’ paternal affection, noting that fathers typically maintain love for their children despite their actions.

The intricacies of the situation were highlighted during Harry’s brief 24-hour visit to London following the announcement of his father’s diagnosis. Speculation arose regarding the duration and nature of their interaction during Harry’s last visit.

Prince Harry’s imminent visit coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, where he will deliver a speech. Notably, Meghan Markle and other senior royals will not attend, complicating the logistics of the event. Levin pointed out the scheduling conflict between the service at St Paul’s Cathedral and a garden party attended by King Charles.

Commentator Michael Cole provided insight into King Charles’ health and his desire to resume public duties. Despite the “Harry problem,” Cole expressed optimism about a potential reconciliation, suggesting that Charles remains open to reconnecting with his son.

Prince Harry hinted at future trips following the cancer announcement, leaving room for a potential reunion. Cole ended on an optimistic note, expressing confidence in the King’s willingness to mend their relationship if Harry shows contrition and seeks forgiveness.

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