Selena Gomez, after experiencing heartbreaks in the past, finally found love with Benny Blanco, following her well-known relationship with Justin Bieber.

Their relationship began quietly in mid-2023 and was only made public in December of that year. Since then, they have openly displayed their affection for each other both on social media and in public, indicating a strong bond.

Supporting each other in their respective endeavors, Selena enthusiastically promoted Benny’s new cookbook, “Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends,” on her Instagram. She shared playful pictures of herself with a custom cake from the book launch.

In another Instagram Story, Selena shared how Benny left her a sweet note and cooked steak for her, showcasing their affectionate relationship.

Benny, in turn, documented his cooking efforts for Selena, even joking about the temptation to order takeout instead.

In interviews, Benny spoke about his cookbook and the joy of cooking for Selena, highlighting her appreciation for his culinary skills.

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