Billy Joel recently surprised fans at his New York concert by performing his hit song “Uptown Girl” with his ex-wife, former model Christie Brinkley in attendance, who he originally wrote the song for during their marriage.

During the concert at Madison Square Garden on April 26, a video captured Brinkley smiling as Joel sang the song, evoking nostalgia for fans who remembered their past relationship.

The viral video on social media showcased Brinkley enjoying the performance, highlighting the enduring friendship between the former couple despite their divorce in 1994.

The special moment, captured on TikTok, emphasized Joel’s history with Brinkley, including their marriage in 1985 and the birth of their daughter Alexa. Despite their divorce, they’ve maintained an amicable relationship over the years.

Though the song “Uptown Girl” was initially thought to be dedicated to Brinkley, it was revealed that Joel wrote it while dating supermodel Elle Macpherson, but it remains associated with his relationship with Brinkley, who also starred in its music video.

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