Radhika Merchant‘s pre-wedding festivities in Europe were a lavish affair filled with luxury, music, and sentimental gestures. The celebration spanned four days, featuring Radhika adorned in exquisite ensembles, each holding special meaning.

Day 1: Custom Gown by Robert Wun

Radhika commenced the festivities in a bespoke gown by London designer Robert Wun, adorned with a heartfelt letter from Anant, penned on her 22nd birthday. The letter, a symbol of their love, was cherished by Radhika as a keepsake for future generations. The evening concluded with a surprise performance by the Backstreet Boys.

Day 2: Roman-Themed Toga Party

The celebration continued with a Roman-themed toga party, where Radhika donned a custom “toga” ensemble by Grace Ling, featuring a 3D-printed aerospace aluminium breastplate, reminiscent of her time in New York City. Guests enjoyed music by DJ David Guetta.

Day 3: Glamorous Masquerade Ball

The third day featured a glamorous masquerade ball at a French chateau. Radhika dazzled in a custom Versace gown, designed over a year in collaboration with the atelier, complemented by a rare blue opal necklace with diamonds, symbolizing their birthstones. Anant opted for custom Dolce & Gabbana attire.

Day 4: Celebration in Portofino, Italy

The final celebration in Portofino showcased Radhika in a vintage Yves Saint Laurent for Dior dress, sourced by stylist Mimi Cuttrell, for a performance by Andrea Bocelli. The town square was transformed into a lively open-air concert, leaving Radhika in awe of the famed singer’s performance.

Reflecting on the experience, Radhika expressed her joy and described the evening as truly magical.

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