31-year-old Jenn Gutierrez showcased remarkable determination as she danced through labor pains during a February Taylor Swift concert.

At 38 weeks pregnant, Gutierrez traveled from Canberra to Melbourne, covering 412 miles with her husband and twin sister to attend Swift’s Eras Tour concert.

Despite being two weeks away from her due date, Gutierrez was determined not to miss seeing her favorite artist on stage.

During the concert, as Swift sang ‘Reputation,’ Gutierrez experienced contractions but danced through them. The contractions persisted until they returned to their hotel after the show.

A few days later, in February 2024, Gutierrez gave birth to her daughter, now two months old.

Despite the intense contractions during the concert, Gutierrez and her husband, both longtime Swifties, were adamant about attending the show.

Throughout the concert, Gutierrez’s husband monitored her heart rate, while her sister provided support.

Despite her discomfort, Gutierrez worried about her standing among fellow fans, hoping they didn’t doubt her Swiftie status.

As the concert progressed, Gutierrez’s discomfort increased, but she managed to leave the stadium and later settled into her hotel room, where her contractions subsided.

Rather than heading to the hospital immediately, Gutierrez’s baby was born a few days later, weighing 7lbs 7oz, beginning her life as a devoted Taylor Swift fan.

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