The jest was directed at Aamir when Kapil Sharma joked about him appearing for free on the show, but in reality, Netflix paid him generously to endure the jabs about Aamir impersonators.

The attempt to entertain with three Aamir look-alikes fell flat, with Rajiv Thakur, Kiku Sharda, and even Sunil Grover failing to deliver convincing parodies.

Despite seeming uncomfortable, Aamir’s motivation likely stemmed from the generous compensation. He confessed to facing both professional and personal challenges but found solace in appearing on Kapil’s show.

Aamir appeared remarkably at ease, perhaps determined to enjoy himself. The episode stood out for its seamless and relaxed atmosphere, with Aamir opening up about various topics, including his relationship with his children.

Aamir’s genuine nature shone through in his conversation with Kapil, perhaps buoyed by the presence of his sisters in the audience.

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