Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal‘s impending marriage has sparked anticipation for their wedding snapshots. Initially disclosed by Zoom on June 10, we exclusively revealed the couple’s wedding date set for June 23, followed by a reception.

Recently, an audio invitation featuring Sonakshi and Zaheer surfaced, confirming their nuptials. The couple expresses eagerness for the pivotal moment, transforming them into each other’s lawful spouses. Sonakshi’s entrance into matrimony is now confirmed.

Given his close ties to the Sinha family, it was opportune to approach Pahlaj Nihalani, a longtime friend of the Sinhas since 1977.

Q: What insights can you share about Sonakshi’s wedding?

A: While I discussed the wedding with Shatru, he deferred detailed discussion, saying, “I’ll come, then we’ll talk.”

Q: As a close family friend, your thoughts on the wedding?

A: As Sonakshi’s maternal uncle, I extend my blessings to her and Zaheer on their impending union. It’s heartening to see them take this step, and I offer them my best wishes.

Q: Did you anticipate their marriage?

A: Today, youngsters make their own choices. Ultimately, they’re the ones who must build a life together. Parents should rejoice in their happiness and comfort with each other.

Q: They took their time to marry…

A: Timing is crucial. They’ve made their decision when it felt right.

Q: Any further remarks?

A: Health-wise, I’ve been a bit indisposed, and Shatru is in Kolkata. He’s expected in Delhi for a June 18 swearing-in ceremony.

Q: So, he’s stepping into the preparations late, like a hero…

A: Shatru embodies the essence of a hero. He wasn’t in Bombay on his wedding day, arriving only by evening to wed Poonam. His demeanor and character speak volumes.

Q: Will you attend the wedding?

A: Absolutely. It’s a family affair; I’m Sonakshi’s maternal uncle, after all.

Q: What gift will you give?

A: My blessings suffice.

Q: Any plans for attire on the big day?

A: Attending the wedding is paramount. The attire is secondary. My presence is to witness the union and celebrate the couple’s joy.

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