Veteran actress Poonam Dhillon has confirmed that Sonakshi Sinha is set to marry her longtime boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal on June 23. She mentioned receiving a delightful wedding invitation from Sonakshi and expressed her excitement to attend the event.

Poonam expressed her warm wishes for Sonakshi, recalling their long association since Sonakshi’s childhood and expressing hope for her happiness in the future.

In a playful tone, Poonam jokingly advised Zaheer to keep Sonakshi happy, emphasizing her importance to everyone.

Following the leak of Sonakshi and Zaheer’s wedding invite, Shatrughan Sinha, Sonakshi’s father, addressed the news. He neither confirmed nor denied the marriage rumors but expressed his support and blessings for Sonakshi.

Shatrughan Sinha praised Sonakshi’s growth as an actor over the years and emphasized his pride as a father. He affirmed his unconditional support for Sonakshi’s decision in choosing her life partner.

Shatrughan reiterated his support for Sonakshi’s decision, expressing his happiness and blessings for her future. He emphasized the significance of his only daughter’s happiness and freedom in choosing her companion.

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