Miley Cyrus discussed her health-focused lifestyle in an interview with W Magazine, emphasizing her preference for working out in heels to feminize the gym space. She believes in practicing as one performs and incorporates sobriety into her routine, aiming for a clean lifestyle akin to that of an athlete.

Regarding her online influence as a fitness inspiration, Miley attributes her regimen to a disciplined approach, practicing in heels to align with her mantra and aesthetic preferences. She aims to challenge the conventional image of workout spaces, finding much of the equipment unattractive.

In her personal life, Miley shares insights into her relationship with Beyoncé, highlighting their private interactions amidst their public personas. Despite her stage presence, Miley values the intimacy and secrecy of her day-to-day life, including casual conversations with Beyoncé.

Reflecting on her Grammy win for “Flowers,” Miley expresses surprise at finally feeling recognized in her two-decade-long career. She acknowledges the significance of the award in validating her journey as an artist.

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