Bianca Censori is known for her bold fashion choices, often seen in daring outfits alongside Kanye West. The Australian architect tied the knot with the rapper shortly after his split from Kim Kardashian in 2022, sparking curiosity about their relationship

However, according to recent revelations from her friends, Censori’s demeanor shifts noticeably when she’s not with her husband. They described how Kanye treats her like a piece of art and how she adopts a more modest style when she’s not fulfilling her role as his muse. 

During a trip to Australia, Censori’s friends observed her returning to her usual self, away from the spotlight. She opted for comfortable clothing and enjoyed a casual meal with her family, showing no signs of the extravagant persona often portrayed in the media

Despite speculation and rumors suggesting coercion or family estrangement, her friend clarified that Censori’s family maintains regular contact with her, dispelling notions of her being isolated or controlled.

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