Amid rumors of a rift between King Charles and Prince Andrew regarding the ownership of Royal Lodge, speculation arose that Prince William might assume control of the sprawling 30-room estate. However, a Royal expert offers a contrasting perspective.

Reports suggest that the monarch has urged the Duke of York to vacate the lodge and relocate to the smaller Frogmore Cottage, formerly inhabited by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. In an interview with GBN America, Royal commentator Lady Hervey appeared to support Prince Andrew, suggesting that Charles aims to assert authority by seizing control of the situation.

Referring to the Royal Lodge as Andrew’s residence, Lady Hervey emphasized his tenancy rights, stating, “he has a lease on that house. They can’t just take it away.” She questioned the necessity for the monarch to claim ownership of the lodge when they already possess numerous properties, including Windsor Castle.

Lady Hervey also highlighted the care provided by Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson to Queen Elizabeth‘s corgis following her passing, questioning the need to disturb their living arrangements. She insinuated that Charles’s desire for the Royal Lodge is motivated by providing it to Queen Camilla.

Despite Andrew’s attachment to Royal Lodge, Charles holds financial control over the property. The King has allegedly threatened to sever ties with Andrew if he refuses to vacate the residence, where he has resided since 2003. Financial support for Andrew, including his security expenses, may be reconsidered if he persists in remaining at the lodge.

Options have been presented for Andrew to relocate to Frogmore Cottage, offering security benefits within the Windsor Castle perimeter. Failure to comply may result in a reassessment of the support provided by the King.

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