Janhvi Kapoor, a Bollywood actress, has opened her childhood home in Chennai to the public through Airbnb. The mansion, formerly owned by her late mother, actress Sridevi, has been added to Airbnb’s list of 11 Icons properties available for rent.

This exclusive opportunity will offer select Airbnb guests the chance to stay in the historic residence and engage in activities such as discussions with Kapoor about her favorite beauty tips and sampling authentic South Indian cuisine.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky expressed excitement about providing intimate access to Bollywood’s most famous family at the launch event.

Sridevi purchased the Chennai mansion before her marriage to producer Boney Kapoor, marking it as her first-ever home purchase. Despite facing closure due to maintenance issues, Boney Kapoor renovated the property following Sridevi’s passing in 2018.

In a previous interview with Vogue India, Janhvi Kapoor reminisced about her childhood memories in the Chennai home, including special moments shared with her family.

The mansion boasts luxurious amenities such as Sridevi’s early artworks, a ‘secret room,’ a patio, a gallery of family portraits, a designated TV lounge, and unique artworks created by Janhvi and her sister Khushi during lockdown.

Janhvi’s childhood home joins a prestigious list of iconic properties available on Airbnb, including locations from popular movies and celebrity residences.

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