Kanye West’s recent public appearances alongside his wife Bianca Censori have ignited a storm of discussions, particularly revolving around Censori’s attire and demeanor.

During a Cheesecake Factory outing with her husband Kanye, the Yeezy model once again flaunted a daring ensemble, adding to a series of eyebrow-raising wardrobe choices. These recurring instances have stirred concern among fans.

Accompanying her husband for the Cheesecake Factory rendezvous, Censori donned completely sheer nude tights as a top, foregoing undergarments and opting for pricey Prada shorts worth $825. Complementing her attire with white pointed stilettos and a black clutch, she completed the look with a sleek bun, blue eyeliner, and dark sunglasses. Meanwhile, Kanye stuck to his signature all-black loose attire, accessorized with black sunglasses.

Observant fans have expressed worry over Censori’s apparent discomfort and unease, pointing out instances such as walking on the outside of the sidewalk and reaching to open doors. This marks the couple’s second visit to The Cheesecake Factory within a short span, with Kanye notably styling his wife in provocative outfits since their marriage in December 2022.

In a previous video, Kanye defended his choice to share semi-nude images of his wife, emphasizing her role in his happiness and the correlation with his music. He bluntly dismissed negative comments, urging detractors to refrain from criticism or unfollow him.

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