Richa Chadha reflects on her experience portraying Lajjo in Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar“. Initially concerned her small role might be overshadowed, she embraced the risk, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Chadha, through a rigorous process, delved into the tragic character of Lajjo, resonating with audiences despite the historical setting. She believes Lajjo’s story taps into universal emotions of heartbreak and resilience.

The actor aimed to challenge industry stereotypes by accepting a role that defied expectations, emphasizing the importance of breaking free from typecasting.

Her dedication to her craft is evident in her dance rehearsals, including wearing a weighted vest for authenticity. Despite challenges, she maintained emotional depth and precision in her performance.

Chadha recalls the meticulousness of Bhansali’s direction, exemplified by multiple takes for a single shot, showcasing their commitment to perfection.

Excited for motherhood, Chadha plans to take a break post-promotion to focus on her health, alongside her husband, Ali Fazal, with whom she’s ventured into production.

Their film “Girls Will Be Girls” has garnered acclaim, reflecting their commitment to bringing about subtle yet meaningful changes within the industry.

Chadha acknowledges the industry’s disparities but remains focused on making incremental improvements based on her own experiences.

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