Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan, recently caught attention following a viral video featuring him alongside Brazilian actress Larissa Bonesi, sparking widespread speculation about their relationship.

Fans have been abuzz for months, attempting to decipher the alleged romance between the star kid and Larissa, with speculations swirling around every corner.

Recently, a Bollywood-focused group on Reddit claimed to have uncovered significant information shedding light on Aryan and Larissa’s connection, initiating a viral discussion thread.

In the thread, users pointed out compelling evidence suggesting a romantic association between Aryan and Larissa, including their mutual social media connections with each other’s families and even Larissa’s dog.

Further details emerged, with fans unearthing instances such as Aryan’s heartfelt gesture of sending a gift to Larissa’s mother on her birthday, which was proudly shared on social media.

The Reddit thread gained momentum as fans delved deeper into various occurrences, like Aryan’s presence at Larissa’s birthday celebration on March 28, adding fuel to the speculation.

Larissa Bonesi, a 34-year-old Brazilian model and film actress, is recognized for her roles in films like “Penthouse,” “Thikka” (2016), and “Next Enti?” (2018). She also featured in Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa‘s music video “Surma Surma.”

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