These days, Karan Johar frequently shares cryptic posts on social media, often taking jabs at various topics. Recently, the director targeted people who underwent surgeries, specifically addressing the issue of loyalty in one of his Instagram Stories.

In his post, Karan likened loyalty to a Birkin bag, suggesting that it’s highly coveted and comes with a long waiting list. Although the reason behind this comparison remains unclear, it added a unique twist to his message.

Additionally, Karan mocked the use of fillers in another post, emphasizing that while fillers may alter one’s appearance, they don’t affect a person’s character or personality. He humorously pointed out that fillers don’t bring fulfillment and that age can’t be masked by makeup or Botox treatments.

While Karan’s recent social media posts have sparked curiosity, attention has also been drawn to his project with Salman Khan. Reports suggest that the film has faced delays, prompting Salman to suggest exploring other ideas for collaboration. However, conflicting reports indicate that the project is still in progress, with filming expected to commence in 2025.

According to an insider, the film titled “The Bull” is undergoing script revisions, causing the delay in production. Originally planned for release in Eid 2025, the project has been pushed back to accommodate the script adjustments.

Despite the speculation surrounding his professional endeavors, Karan Johar recently urged his critics to give him the benefit of the doubt, emphasizing his vulnerability and humanity in the face of criticism.

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