The Khan family has sparked excitement as Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan Khan, and Suhana Khan join forces for a collaborative venture, marking a significant moment.

This unexpected union has been made possible through Aryan’s streetwear label, D’Yavol X, which is gearing up to unveil its second collection. The trio has united for a captivating marketing campaign, generating widespread anticipation.

Announcing the collaboration on Instagram, D’Yavol X shared a striking image featuring Aryan, Suhana, and King Khan adorned in sleek black D’Yavol X attire, igniting a frenzy among followers. The caption revealed details of the upcoming launch, scheduled for March 17 exclusively on

Earlier, SRK and Suhana captivated audiences with their inaugural partnership, starring in a commercial for D’Yavol X. The ad showcases SRK displaying three rings bearing the D’Yavol insignia before marking a train compartment window with an ‘X’ symbol. Suhana then adds her touch, coloring her side of the window with a Disney logo, creating a stylish moment between father and daughter.

For the upcoming X-2 collection, D’Yavol X, co-founded by Aryan, has partnered with the entertainment giant Disney, elevating the brand’s allure.

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