Soha Ali Khan, a Bollywood actress, shared insights into her brother Saif Ali Khan‘s rebellious nature during their childhood, revealing that he often shocked their parents.

Despite a significant age gap, Soha disclosed that Saif never assumed a traditional older brother role towards her, but he was nevertheless protective. She reminisced about Saif’s favorable impression of Kunal Kemmu upon their first meeting.

During an interview with CurlyTales, Soha described Saif as a rebel who constantly challenged their parents’ rules, forcing them to adapt. Their nine-year age difference made it challenging for Soha to emulate her brother’s actions, leading her to abandon any thoughts of rebellion.

Reflecting on their unique bond, Soha emphasized that while Saif wasn’t conventional in his role as an older brother, he provided support and sought her advice when needed. Despite leading a colorful life, Saif displayed feudal instincts when it came to his younger sister, particularly evident when she introduced him to potential suitors.

Soha recounted Saif’s positive reaction to Kunal, recalling an instance when Saif admired Kunal’s physique and genuine demeanor. She appreciated Kunal’s authenticity, noting his lack of pretense, especially in the presence of prominent figures like Saif Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore.

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