Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal, a beloved couple in the entertainment industry, have been closely observed by their friends Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi, who have been witnesses to their journey from the beginning.

In a recent interview, Neha Dhupia shared insights into the early stages of Katrina and Vicky’s relationship. She mentioned that she and Angad noticed the natural connection between them, with neither needing to exchange details but sensing the strength of their bond independently. Neha revealed, “The first hint I got was from Katrina, and Angad sensed it from Vicky.”Recalling their wedding, Neha highlighted Vicky’s hands-on involvement, managing everything from guest hospitality to event planning. She also shared how Katrina developed an affinity for Vicky after seeing his performance in Uri, leading to a memorable phone conversation that left Neha feeling excited.Angad Bedi discussed the couple’s hosting styles, noting Katrina’s penchant for elaborate Christmas spreads and Vicky’s preference for traditional Punjabi cuisine. Despite their differing approaches, Angad emphasized that together, they excel as hosts, creating a warm atmosphere at their gatherings.Angad further emphasized the dynamic ambiance of their events, transitioning from Katrina’s choice of mellow music to energetic Punjabi tunes led by Vicky and his friends, contributing to the festive spirit.

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