Prince Harry and his brother William are not set to receive their mother’s childhood home as part of her estate. Following Princess Diana’s passing, a significant portion of her wealth, including a £13 million fortune and various assets, was inherited by her sons. However, the historic Althorp Estate, where Diana spent her early years and where she is laid to rest, will reportedly be passed on to their cousin, Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp.

Louis Spencer, who is the eldest son of Diana’s brother Earl Charles Spencer, is set to inherit the Althorp Estate, a revered property in the Spencer family dating back to 1508. This decision deviates from the conventional inheritance path and marks a new chapter in Diana’s legacy.

Louis Spencer, an aristocrat from Britain, is Prince William and Harry’s cousin through their maternal line. Despite having three older sisters, Louis is designated to inherit the family estate under the principle of primogeniture, where titles and properties pass to the eldest male heir.

Primogeniture, though a contentious topic in modern times, remains a tradition upheld by the Spencer family. Louis’ older sister, Kitty, expressed understanding of this tradition, noting that Louis is expected to manage the estate admirably.

Louis Spencer generally maintains a low profile and avoids public attention. After completing his studies at the University of Edinburgh, he pursued an interest in acting and drama at a school in London. Recently, he has reportedly begun participating in trustee meetings to familiarize himself with the estate’s management.

Charles Spencer, Louis’ father, acknowledged the weight of the decision regarding inheritance, noting the significance of tradition in determining the future steward of Althorp. He mentioned that while he would be comfortable with Kitty inheriting the estate, adhering to tradition was paramount in this matter.

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