With Snaackz, Zing will cover topics that are an integral part of Gen-Z’s life such as Love, Fashion, and Culture – featuring up-and-coming content creators 

 Zing, one of the most popular youth entertainment channels, gets the pulse of its Gen-Z audience and strives to cater to their discerning taste. Whether it’s their distinctive fashion sense or love for Korean culture, Gen-Z does not shy away from expressing and embracing their life choices. They also take immense pride in being vocal about their stance on prioritizing mental health, navigating the complexities of modern-day love, and dealing with the ups and downs of their dating life. In a strategic move that proves Zing’s unwavering commitment to staying abreast with Gen-Z trends, Zing is set to launch ‘Snaackz’, a short-format video property tailored exclusively to the ever-evolving content preferences of the generation.

At the heart of Snaackz are the topics that are a crucial aspect of Gen-Z’s life such as Love, Fashion, and Culture. These videos will feature up-and-coming content creators who are experts in their respective domains. ‘With Love’ with Kuvelu Tetseo, who hails from Nagaland, will cover all things Korean which includes their culture and lifestyle. Kuvelu’s love and inclination for Korean culture makes her an ideal fit. ‘You & I’ with Ekta Khurana will delve into challenges faced by Gen-Z and help them navigate through the modern-day dating scene by providing tips, tricks, and love hacks. Ekta has been creating content in the space of love and mental-well-being owing to her extensive work in the mental health domain. ‘Closet’ with Jumni Kamki will create fun and engaging content in the fashion space and dissecting the latest fashion trends for our audiences. Jumni, a popular fashionista from Arunachal Pradesh, has also been crowned as the first runner-up in the Miss Arunachal Pradesh pageant.  Zing has long been at the forefront of curating content that hits the right chord with the youth. Continuing that legacy, these content creators will only help the channel strengthen its connection with Gen-Z through Snaackz.  But that’s not all for Snaackz, stay tuned for more exciting updates to find out what Zing has in store for the audience with its latest offering.

Reflecting on the launch of SnaackzVishnu Shankar, Business Cluster Head – &TV and Music Channels, shared, “Zing has consistently led the way in crafting content that deeply resonates with the Gen-Z audience. As an extension of our consumer-centricity, we have created Snaackz – a short format video property spanning relevant topics like Love, Fashion, and Korean Culture. As the go-to platform of Gen-Z, we are delighted to bring on-board extraordinary content creators to showcase their talent and continue to cater to the evolving content consumption needs of our audience.”

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