In the recent episode of “Weekend Ka Vaar,” Salman Khan, the charismatic Dabangg actor and host of Bigg Boss, took a moment to applaud the noteworthy performances of Ankita Lokhande, along with Mannara Chopra and Isha Malviya. Salman, 

known for his candid commentary and keen observations, recognised the trio as the driving force behind the vibrant energy in the Bigg Boss 17 house. He commended their exemplary contributions, emphasising their significant roles in shaping the dynamics of the show.

Ankita Lokhande, renowned for her captivating on-screen presence, joined Mannara Chopra and Isha Malviya in receiving a special acknowledgement from Salman Khan. This commendation not only motivates and validates them but also underscores their pivotal roles in enhancing the narrative and entertainment value of Bigg Boss 17. As the season progresses, viewers eagerly anticipate more engaging moments from Ankita Lokhande, acknowledging her as a standout contender for the coveted Bigg Boss title. Salman Khan’s praise further emphasises her crucial role as a contestant in shaping the show’s narrative and entertainment quotient.

As the narrative of Bigg Boss 17 unfolds, Salman Khan’s recognition stands as a source of both motivation and validation for Ankita Lokhande. Her captivating presence in the house consistently enthrals audiences, solidifying her status as a prominent contender in the pursuit of the coveted Bigg Boss title.

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