Actor Kartik Aaryan opened up about his complex relationship with money, revealing that his upbringing heavily influenced his views. He shared that his parents, whom he described as “EMI people,” often took loans to support their career ambitions. Kartik expressed a determination to achieve financial stability for his family, having grown up in an environment where financial burdens were a constant concern.

Reflecting on how fame has changed his life, Kartik described his early struggles with money. He recalled his upbringing in Gwalior, where his family managed debts taken for career pursuits. Despite not being wealthy, he emphasized they weren’t impoverished either; instead, they were accustomed to living with calculated expenses and managing debts.

Moving to Mumbai, Kartik recounted relying on an education loan and borrowing money from friends as a regular part of life. He expressed a resolve to change this pattern, stating, “I knew that I had to earn. I was tired of borrowing money, travelling by train…”

Regarding his desires, Kartik admitted to wanting cars beyond his means, a longing he eventually fulfilled. He discussed his earnings from acting, noting that his debut film, Pyaar Ka Punchnama, initially earned him Rs 70,000. Over time, his income increased significantly, with claims of earning between Rs 20 to Rs 40 crore per film in recent years.

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