Close friends Karan Johar and Farah Khan consistently entertain their social media followers with their amusing exchanges. Recently, they delighted fans with a hilarious video featuring Farah giving a comical tour of Karan’s new closet.

Their playful banter and witty remarks about each other’s fashion choices are bound to leave viewers in stitches. Even Hrithik Roshan couldn’t resist joining the laughter-filled antics.

On March 17, Farah Khan shared a new Instagram reel showcasing her and Karan Johar exploring his extravagant new closet. Their playful banter unfolds as they step into Karan’s bedroom, with him teasingly commenting, “Nothing happens.” Their humorous exchange continues as they delve into the vast wardrobe, with Karan jokingly suggesting that Farah would never wear any of the good clothes he owns.

The tour reveals shelves adorned with shimmery attire, prompting Farah to jokingly express her envy, while the denim-filled cupboard leads Karan to jest about items Farah should own but doesn’t.

They then explore the section dedicated to oversized clothing, with Karan teasing Farah about her affinity for such garments. As they approach the final cupboard, Karan struggles to open it, prompting Farah to humorously remark about his earlier difficulty with the closet.

Inside, they find sparkling garments, leading to a playful debate about their origin, with Farah jokingly associating them with dance costumes from past performances.

In the caption, Farah humorously refers to the video as “Sunday BLING for all #karah fans!” while marveling at Karan’s impressive new closet.

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