Kartik Mahesh emerged as the victorious contestant in Bigg Boss Kannada 10, showcasing a commendable competitive spirit throughout the season. His dynamic interactions, particularly with co-contestant Sangeetha Sringeri, garnered attention and support from his fans.

The official crowning of Karthik Mahesh as the BB 10 Kannada champion came with substantial rewards—a trophy, a cash prize of Rs 50 lakhs, a luxurious car, and an electric scooter. His journey within the Bigg Boss house was marked by facing various challenges, engaging in heated conflicts, and participating in passionate arguments.

The camaraderie between Karthik and his fellow contestants became a highlight of his stint on the show. Despite starting with a strong bond, his relationship with Sangeetha Sringeri took a bitter turn over time. Despite the challenges, Karthik earned the coveted “Kicchana Chappale” (Kiccha’s applause) and received praise from his fans for consistently displaying strength and a competitive spirit throughout the season.

Bigg Boss Kannada 10 featured a diverse group of contestants, including Namratha Gowda, Vijay Gowda, Snehith Gowda, Neethu Vanajakshi, Gaurish Akki, Siri, Michel Ajay, Pradeep Eshwar, Thanisha Kuppanda, Drone Prathap, Varthur Santosh, Sangeetha Sringeri, Rakshak Bullet, Ishani, Bhagyashri Rao, Karthik Mahesh, and Snake Shyam.

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