The concluding episode of Salman Khan’s reality show featured family members of the housemates on stage. There was anticipation surrounding Vicky Jain’s mother and Ankita Lokhande’s mother-in-law, curious if an apology for earlier remarks would be offered. However, Ranjana Jain, Ankita’s mother-in-law, not only refrained from apologizing but took the opportunity to insult Ankita further as Salman Khan playfully roasted Vicky Jain’s mother.

In a light-hearted moment, Salman suggested Ankita and Vicky Jain’s mother exchange vows. While Ankita pledged to take better care, her mother-in-law made a shocking statement, leaving the actress embarrassed. On national television, Ranjana Jain remarked, ‘Beta Ankita, promise that you won’t participate in shows that tarnish our respect.’ Despite the embarrassment, Ankita explained that she stood by her actions, considering them a part of her personality.

Simultaneously, Salman Khan playfully teased and roasted Vicky Jain’s mother, even calling her Lalita Pawar. He highlighted her interference in Ankita’s identity and playfully claimed she had gained more fame than Ankita in Bilaspur.

One viewer found Salman’s interaction with Vicky’s mother more entertaining than the entire season, while others defended Vicky’s mom for her raw and unapologetic demeanor, expressing discomfort with Salman’s comments about vows and taking Ankita to mines as crass and crude

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