Janhvi Kapoor, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, is currently enjoying a peak in her career, with a slate of over five films lined up.

In preparation for her upcoming movie ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi,’ after two years of intense training and overcoming obstacles such as a shoulder injury, Janhvi recently turned heads at a promotional event. Donning a striking red dress adorned with seasonal ball designs on the back, she displayed her flair for creativity, once again showcasing her diverse talents beyond acting. Surprisingly, this innovative concept originated from Janhvi Kapoor herself!

Her forthcoming film revolves around the theme of love and cricket. As she aptly captioned in a recent post, “Meet Mr. and Mrs. Mahi, for them, life is cricket and cricket is life,” Janhvi ensured that fans eagerly anticipate the film’s release, making it a must-watch in cinemas.

Adding to the excitement, just yesterday, Janhvi sported a purple blouse paired with a black and white skirt, featuring the number 6. When quizzed by a paparazzi, she revealed, “This Mahi’s jersey number is 6!”

As she continues to personally design all her promotional outfits for the film, we eagerly await the further innovations she has in store to captivate us!

On the professional front, in addition to ‘Mr & Mrs Mahi,’ Janhvi has projects such as ‘Ulajh,’ ‘Devara,’ ‘Karna,’ ‘RC16,’ ‘Sunny Sanskari ki Tulsi Kumari,’ and several unannounced ventures.

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