Jackie Shroff, the seasoned Bollywood actor, has recently taken legal measures to safeguard his personality rights, drawing attention to the prevalent issue of unauthorized commercial exploitation of public figures’ attributes.

In a case filed in the Delhi High Court, Shroff aims to prohibit various entities and social media platforms from using his name, appearance, voice, and notably, his affectionate nickname ‘Bhidu,’ without his explicit consent.

‘Bhidu,’ a term deeply associated with Jackie Shroff, holds a special place in Mumbai‘s slang, meaning “friend,” and has become inseparable from Shroff’s persona, both on and off the screen. Beyond just a label, this nickname symbolizes a significant aspect of his identity, endearing him to millions of admirers. The unauthorized utilization of this term, alongside his likeness and voice in memes and advertisements, prompted Shroff to take legal recourse to protect his personal brand and identity.

The misuse of celebrity attributes isn’t a novel occurrence in the digital era, where images and videos can circulate widely across various platforms without proper authorization. For personalities like Shroff, such unauthorized usage can result in the erosion of their personal brand and, in some instances, could be employed in a manner that distorts or damages their public image.

In his legal pursuit, Shroff’s legal representative, Pravin Anand, brought to the court’s attention numerous instances where Shroff’s images and voice were misused, often featured in offensive memes or unauthorized advertisements.

Shroff’s decision to seek judicial intervention mirrors a growing sentiment among public figures who are striving to regulate the commercial exploitation of their identity. This litigation transcends a mere personal victory, setting a precedent for the interpretation of personality rights within the framework of intellectual property law in India. Through this legal battle, Shroff seeks to underscore the imperative for robust mechanisms that shield individuals from unauthorized commercial exploitation.

This case also underscores the broader implications for content creators and marketers, emphasizing the significance of obtaining permissions and respecting individuals’ intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, Jackie Shroff’s case isn’t an isolated incident. Other celebrities, such as Anil Kapoor, have also successfully defended their personality rights, suggesting a potential trend where more public figures may resort to legal action against the unauthorized use of their identity. This trend could catalyze the establishment of more stringent regulations and heightened awareness regarding the significance of respecting and safeguarding personality rights in the digital landscape.

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