The Diamond Bazaar’, Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s debut web series. She discussed her divorce and battle with cancer, emphasizing the richness of her experiences.

Reflecting on her resilience, Manisha shared her perspective on life’s challenges, expressing gratitude for the lessons learned. Despite facing anxiety and insecurity, she emphasized the importance of pushing forward and embracing life’s ups and downs.

She quoted in her statement, “I get anxiety attacks, and I do get insecure. I have all those things that everyone has. I also feel depressed and sad many times. But I say, No, Manisha, get up; it’s time for a walk. I feel that once you go through so much, you also realise that there’s another side to it. You can pick yourself up and walk. They say that life is not about falling but about picking yourself up after every fall and walking. That’s the motto I live by.”

Manisha admitted her desire for companionship but asserted her unwillingness to wait idly for it, emphasizing the importance of living fully regardless of romantic prospects.

She further stated, “I do. I’ll be lying if I say I don’t. I definitely feel as if there was a male figure in my life. If there was a partner in my life, Probably, it’ll be nice to have that. But I have to be very honest: main uske liye intezaar karke apna time waste nahi karungi (I won’t waste my time waiting for that person). Agar mere kismat mein likhi hai (if it’s in my destiny), then I’ll get that. Agar nahi hai, toh bhi thik hai. Mujhe lagta hai, I’m living a full life.”

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