Boney Kapoor discussed the rift between Arjun Kapoor and Salman Khan in an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha. As Arjun’s father and a producer, he confirmed that their relationship remains strained to this day.

However, the strained relationship between Arjun and Salman has not affected Boney’s bond with Salman. While talking about Arjun’s acting career in preparation for the release of Maidaan, Boney mentioned the strained relationship between Arjun and Salman.

Boney recalled how Salman was instrumental in Arjun’s decision to pursue acting. Despite his separation from his first wife Mona, Boney never considered Arjun becoming an actor until Salman encouraged him, even taking the initiative to help Arjun lose weight and nurturing his talent.

Acknowledging the current state of Arjun and Salman’s equation, Boney credited Salman for shaping Arjun’s growth as an actor. Despite any issues between them, Boney still holds Salman in high regard and cherishes their relationship, emphasizing Salman’s generosity and warmth whenever they meet.

Regarding his personal relationship with Salman, Boney emphasized that their equation remains unchanged despite the fallout between Arjun and Salman. He expressed his continued affection and admiration for Salman, emphasizing the mutual respect and love they share whenever they interact.

In terms of Arjun’s personal life, he is currently in a relationship with Malaika Arora, who was previously married to Salman’s brother, Arbaaz Khan. Their relationship has endured for approximately five years. Additionally, Malaika has a son with Arbaaz. Previously, Arjun was reportedly in a relationship with Salman’s younger sister, Arpita Khan, but they allegedly parted ways in 2005. Arpita is now married to actor Aayush Sharma, with whom she has two children.

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