Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora, who were married for 19 years before their separation, maintain a collaborative approach in raising their son, Arhaan Khan.

In a recent development, Arhaan launched his own vodcast titled `Dumb Biryani,` with his mother Malaika Arora and Sarjita Raiyani featuring as guests in the second episode.

Arbaaz Khan’s Response to Malaika Arora’s Remarks

During the vodcast, Malaika discussed her son’s inherited traits, mentioning an “indecisive” quality he picked up from his father, Arbaaz. When Arbaaz was approached by Zoom Entertainment for his reaction to Malaika’s comment, he acknowledged her perspective and chose to focus on the positive attributes she highlighted about him.

Arbaaz stated, “See, that’s between a mother and her son, that is the opinion that she had. I guess she’s entitled to have that opinion. Yes, she may have thought that I’m indecisive on certain aspects.” He also noted Malaika’s positive remarks about his clarity of thought and decisiveness, opting to emphasize those aspects instead.

He further added, “It’s nothing to take seriously or whatever. It’s an interesting chat show that’s between the mother and son. I mean, she’s got the right to say whatever. I thought it was okay. I don’t want to dispute anything. That’s her opinion.”

Insights from Malaika Arora on the Dumb Biryani Podcast

Arhaan Khan queried about the traits he shares with his father and his mother’s opinions on them. Malaika observed striking similarities in their mannerisms, including a particular sniffing gesture, albeit not considering it very appealing.

She praised Arhaan’s fairness and impartiality, reminiscent of his father’s just nature, while also highlighting their shared tendency towards indecisiveness, which she candidly admitted was her least favorite trait.

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