Mumbai, 16th November 2022: After setting a strong precedence with the first season of the well-received episodic series MTV Nishedh and the digital-only spin-off – MTV Nishedh Alone Together in 2020, Viacom18 and MTV Staying Alive Foundation with funding partners Johnson & Johnson, and The David and Lucile Packard Foundation are back with their behaviour change content campaign MTV Nishedh Season 2. A fictional show with hard-hitting storylines, MTV Nishedh Season 2 deals with real issues that concern the youth. It aims to bring a positive change encouraging the youth to talk openly about relationships, sexual reproductive health, contraception usage, approaching abortion as a safe choice when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, as supported by The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and tuberculosis awareness to promote early testing supported by Johnson & Johnson. 

The 10-episode series of MTV Nishedh Season 2 will premiere on 19th November, airing every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM on MTV and anytime on VOOT. Viewers can catch the episodes 24 hours later on MTV Fully Faltoo as well.

Set in and around the Modern University in the fictional town of Premnagar, the show follows the life of Inaaya, a strong-willed student who faces resistance when she explores the topics of sex and relationships while making a film. At the same time, Hina, an ambitious influencer, discovers she has TB and wants to hide it, thinking it would negatively impact her image in the social-media-dominating world. It’s not just the students who seek answers in the story; Sushmita, who has begun a newly married life and a food business on campus, finds herself heading toward ruin because of her unexpected pregnancy. The slice-of-life episodic series will creatively offer a dose of romance, drama, and humour with deep undertones of crucial messages.

After creating enormous waves of conversations and bringing in the much-needed perception shift with season one, the second season of MTV Nishedh featuring the actors of the new generation, is back to delve deeper into grave issues faced by the youth, sustaining the dialogue. The sequel introduces Asheema Vardaan as Inaaya,  Aaryan Tandon as Pankaj, Anusubdha Bhagat as Hina, Rrama Sharma as Sushmita, Sachin Vidrohi as Ajay, Aanchal Goswami as Prerna, and Chitransh Raj as Mehul.

Akriti Saronwala, Country Manager for the MTV Staying Alive Foundation says, “MTV Nishedh Season 2 is back with relatable stories and lovable new characters and I’m excited that we’ll be able to reach even more young people, empowering them to make informed choices about the social and health issues they encounter. With the invaluable support of our partners, we believe MTV Nishedh has the potential to be a genuinely relevant cultural asset, as well as a successful public health campaign.”

Cause Ambassador and Bollywood Actor Arjun Kapoor at the launch press conference said,“There is no bigger power than acceptance and speaking up! I am glad to be associated with MTV Nishedh Season 2 and completely resonate with its idea of ‘Khul Ke Bol’. For a young, curious mind a show like MTV Nishedh Season 2 sets in motion the cycle of asking difficult questions which further normalizes topics that were previously taboo. It all starts with an open conversation.”

Asheema Vardaan, who plays the role of Inaaya commented, “MTV Nishedh looks at relevant issues of the youth with a lens of acceptance and openness. The series involves powerful themes around topics which should’ve been easy to converse about but are twice as difficult. I’m sure people will find a reflection of themselves and their social circles in our characters and relate to the challenges they face. We hope this season too spurs questions and conversations, encouraging our audiences to ‘Khul Ke Bol’!”

Watch MTV Nishedh Season 2 with double the intensity and twice the impact, starting 19th November, every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM on MTV and anytime on VOOT. Viewers can catch the episodes 24 hours later on MTV Fully Faltoo as well.


*Onboards Arjun Kapoor as the cause ambassador to create social impact ~

* The relatable 10-episode series will focus on taboo topics such as abortion, sexual reproductive health, contraception usage, and tuberculosis

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