World Inventors Day is celebrated every year on the 9th of November in celebration of ingenuity. This is when we recognize the originality and creativity of the minds who invented things that made our lives just a little easier or completely revolutionized the world!

To commemorate this creative spirit, Colors Infinity is all set to broadcast all episodes of its latest / recent show The Inventor Challenge on 9 November, 9 am onwards. This show was aplatform where budding inventors got a chance to create their prototypes and transform dream inventions ideas into reality. Read more to find out the top 5 best moments of The Inventor Challenge!

Math Made Easy!

One of the episodes of The Inventor Challenge features participant Gunjan from Goa. Her invention was a device called Mathable, which helps young minds learn geometry and trigonometry in a fun manner. The device is easily accessible to children which can help them solve tough math puzzles hassle-free. This came out as one of the best moments of the show, for it helps solve a lot of problems!

Travel Light – Travel Smart!

The Inventor Challenge is a show that brings some of the brilliant inventors of India to one stage where they get to showcase their products. Participants such as Ayush Jain, Pratik Dalvi, Anuj Kumar Gupta, and Arjun Anand showcased their inventions like Helmet Holder With Backrests, CCTV For Travelers, Bike-mounted Extinguishers, and Turbine Phone Chargers respectively. These are some of the best and useful innovations for everyone who loves hassle-free traveling.

Household Hacks!

In the themed episode ‘In The House,’ the brilliant inventors showcased their best household-related products. Contestants Prisha Patel, Pallavi Bhamare, Prabhat Borse, and Chinmay Kane showcased their products: AC Aqua Cooler, Baby Feeder Pouch, Lamp for Drying Clothes, and Vegetable Peeler respectively. These wonderfully simple but effective invention ideas are definitely that can make life easier.

A Sustainable Diya!

There were numerous participants who were a part of this magnificent show The Inventor Challenge. 58-year-old Mansukh Prajapati from Gujarat was the one who stood out with his invention that landed in the lab for further enhancement. He invented a product called a Sustainable Diya after doing intense research on the importance of diyas for an Indian family. These diyas made of clay are equipped with sections that all are set to refill automatically and help people save time.

Easy Seater!

The inventors in The Inventor Challenge are among those who truly justify the celebration of Inventor Day. Pratyush Raut, a 15-year-old young boy, is a motivation for all the inventors and for those who want to work for the physically-challenged, elders, and the needy. He has developed a portable chair that one can wear and travel with everywhere, and use to sit whenever one wants.

Watch all these intriguing inventions from The Inventor Challenge and a lot more back-to-back on 9 November from 9 am onwards, only on Colors Infinity!

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