As these “Suits” is trending on Netflix and receiving huge applaud from all over the world. Let discuss some of its amusing facts. 

Stephen Macht (Professor Gerrard) is the real-life father of Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter). Gabriel Macht’s inspiration to become a producer in the series (and take control in areas such as casting department) came when he was watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? (2009), a comedy show where the actor and singer Gustavo Goulart is responsible for many departments at the same time. Macht noticed that it gave a special mark to the project, so he decided to take more control of his series too.

Some of the prints that hang on the wall in Rachel Zane’s (Meghan Markle) office in season 3 are the work of Patrick J. Adams (Mike Ross).

All three names from Robert Zane’s law firm came from people involved in the production of Suits. Zane comes from casting director Bonnie Zane, David Kaldor is named for editor David Kaldor, and Ellen Rand is the name of a production executive from the show’s production company, UCP.

The 100th episode in season 7 was directed by Patrick J Adams (Mike Ross).

Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter) and Sarah Rafferty (Donna Paulsen) are best friends in real life. They have known each other for almost 20 years and Macht is the one who suggested her for the role of Harvey’s loyal and faithful assistant.

From Harvey’s perspective, the name Mike Ross could be intended as a dark pun, as in the phrase “this new guy that I hired as a lawyer who does not have a law degree and must be kept a secret is my cross to bear” Mike Ross = my cross. 

Mikes full name is Michael James Ross. In one episode he says something about his grandfather Jimmy so he got his middle name from his paternal grandfather. In real life Patrick J. Adams middle name is Johann after his paternal grandfather Johann Adams. 

Following Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry, it was revealed that she had been written out of Suits over a year prior to the announcement. Aaron Korsh, the show’s creator, said, “I knew from a year ago that this relationship was burgeoning and I had a decision to make…the only way to write a character out like that would be if they got hit by a bus or something.”

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