Shah Rukh Khan has expressed his admiration for BTS. In a recent video promoting Dunki’s Netflix release, Shah Rukh paid tribute to the K-pop sensation.

The video, shared by Netflix India and Red Chillies Entertainment on social media, featured Shah Rukh portraying a scene set in a visa office. Facing the visa approving officer, SRK humorously presented his case for visa approval, incorporating references to BTS.

Expressing his need for a new visa, Shah Rukh engaged in banter with the visa officer regarding proof of his return and property in Mumbai. With his trademark laugh, Shah Rukh quipped about his residence not facing the sea but rather the sea facing his home, Mannat. When questioned about the country’s visa he was applying for, Shah Rukh humorously replied, “For 190 countries, from Australia to Zimbabwe, on a single visa.”

Challenging the impossibility of his claim, Shah Rukh boasted about his global influence, citing how he popularized the name Raj in London after the massive success of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, jokingly referring to it as the “British Raj.”

He then playfully credited himself with teaching South Koreans about love before expressing his affection for BTS, accompanied by a finger heart gesture and a smile for the camera. This gesture delighted desi ARMY, causing a frenzy among fans.

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